Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

The next phase of Community @ Shotgun Johnny Duguid 0 条评论 0
An update on our ZD forum and comments Johnny Duguid 0 条评论 0
Improve section lables when grouping by checkbox fields miker 0 条评论 1
Make it possible for a user to click a link in a field description tooltip miker 0 条评论 1
Updating a Field Danielle Mahaffey 0 条评论 2
Allow making Thumbnails a link to the detail page. miker 0 条评论 1
Add dividers to AMI folders Raphael X Matto -nd 1 条评论 1
Automatically loading additional results on scroll? miker 0 条评论 2
Add New Version Button Ковалев Алексей Иванович 2 条评论 0
Client Review Site: Add support for accessing Cuts Tobias Pfeiffer 0 条评论 9
Support for fountain markup language in Shotgun Noel Lindell 0 条评论 0
Fill Form Values on Create from Selection Antoine Galbrun 0 条评论 1
More options after unpinning Tasks Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 2
Scheduling less than one day Troy Wuelfing 0 条评论 0
audio or cam video with notes sending chenxin 0 条评论 0
setting the movie thumbnail to 1st frame Umim 1 条评论 0
Navigation icon indicator for Project and Global Pages Beth Dewhirst 0 条评论 5
Compact View for Master/Detail View Mason 1 条评论 3
Use groups on client review site Frank Rueter 0 条评论 7
Right Click option to close Notes Hunter Kuhnert 0 条评论 0
Add a "Help URL" Field to the Page entity miker 0 条评论 0
Customize the "All Projects" page miker 1 条评论 0
Custom project set up through the toolkit/desktop UI bryan money 0 条评论 0
Allow code field to be calculated Mason 0 条评论 6
Edit Notes under Activity Tab, add a button to Edit Quinn 1 条评论 1
Publish multiple files in Shotgun Create Uwe Wuetherich 0 条评论 1
Multi-Entity fields for Formatting Rules Edward Spencer 0 条评论 3
Automating Note Types Tesa Kubicek 1 条评论 2
Query Fields - Ability to Quantify Read/Unread by "current user" Heather Dinkins 0 条评论 1
Global Inbox & Notes - Needs a Thumbnail of "X" Heather Dinkins 0 条评论 0