An intro to Shotgun Create

What is Shotgun Create

Shotgun Create is a desktop experience built specifically for creative teams using Shotgun. It helps teams collaborate more efficiently by helping artists and reviewers quickly see what they need to work on, submit work, and review media.


Shotgun Create is the first desktop experience by Shotgun focused entirely on studio creatives. This helps artists and supervisors stay closer to their desktop creative applications and high performance, native media playback

And since Shotgun Create connects to your Shotgun site, getting up and running with your project data and content is as easy as logging in.

Who’s it for

Shotgun Create is for creative teams – specifically artists and reviewers.

Artists are presented with a simple way of getting the production data they need when they need it.

Reviewers will love Shotgun Create because it enables them to quickly review anything blocking their artists, while offering an intuitive set of tools for communicating visually.

Producers also benefit from Shotgun Create by focusing their creative team’s talents, making the feedback they submit richer and more contextual. Turning producers into more informed and faster decision-making superheroes.

Shotgun Create means faster iterations, faster review, and better feedback at your studio so you can deliver the highest quality, mind-blowing projects on time.

Collaborate around tasks

Collaboration in Shotgun Create centers around Tasks.

Tasks can be thought of as a unit of work or thing that needs to get done. Shotgun Create makes tasks the collaborative meeting place for creatives and producers. Creatives can focus on iterating their work, while producers are always aware of what’s going on in the studio at that second.

You’ll need to be assigned to a task or be set as a reviewer on a task to see anything when you open Shotgun Create.

Shotgun Create also uses other information from Shotgun for quick access so creatives can focus on their work—things like versions, notes, entity [asset/shot/level/episode/season/etc.] data.

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