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More color options in production insights charts and graphs Tommy 0 条评论 12
More Currency Display Options Brandon Foster 4 条评论 8
Disable Downloading Of Files Andrew Lawrence 2 条评论 6
Resource tracker view for micro scheduling Laura Muro 1 条评论 5
Ability to customize where the Screening Room for RV Submit Tool saves the QuickTime movie it generates Tommy 4 条评论 4
Crew Planning ivarrystad 2 条评论 3
Crew Planning Philippe Stalla 2 条评论 3
Option to "Show All Results" by default on Detail View. Alex Meddick 1 条评论 1
Audio waveform in the overlay player Satish Goda 0 条评论 2
Configure Query Thumbnail to include if/or statements Astrid Scholte 3 条评论 16
Share Filters Expanded Functionality Brandon Foster 0 条评论 1
Pure HTTP API to access Shotgun data Chris Spears 2 条评论 1
Sg7.0 EDL cut tool Rv to support BL(black slug) entries Andreas Jablonka 4 条评论 3
Use python API to share a playlist via Client Review Site Nishkar Grover 1 条评论 4
Make "project" accessible to URL tokens in non detail pages Matt Welker 2 条评论 8
Formatting: Explicitly set row height Tommy Kiser 3 条评论 3
View All Tasks in Review with editable Status' Michael Oliver 1 条评论 1
Note replies (newest first) Luke Harris 8 条评论 19
Client Review Site - Project Level Security Gareth Moore 0 条评论 3
OTIO as playlist and cut interchange format Bashesen 2 条评论 6
adding to playlist in activity window Jamie Beard 0 条评论 0
Master playlist Jamie Beard 0 条评论 1
tk-multi-loader2 : browse published by tag Patrick Macdonald 0 条评论 0
More Filter Options in Shotgun Review (Cut Mode) Armando Ricalde 1 条评论 3
Medias in Activity View of a Sequence Kamil Salem 0 条评论 0
match all search fields to logic used in Inbox Andy Cochrane 6 条评论 6
WYSIWYG buttons for markup areas Aleks Berland 1 条评论 4
Color type field Astrid Scholte 1 条评论 8
Add a frame range option to the client site Jesse Lehrman 0 条评论 0
New 'Summary' page type, to quickly load aggregated summary data for a large numbers of records Tommy 1 条评论 11