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Add optimization to Action Menu Items when running on selected records Ben Hadden 0 条评论 0 已计划
Better, nicer error messages Ben Hadden 0 条评论 2 已计划
Expanded "Global Default Layout" capabilities for project defaults. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 3
regex in search field Louai Abu-Osba 0 条评论 1
flag to let you know what filters are selected when you "save page as" Janis Robertson 0 条评论 0
Threaded entity notifications on dashboard. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 1
multiply alpha channels on images/videos uploaded as versions Louai Abu-Osba 0 条评论 3
Master Detail View is always available but hides when not needed Alex Meddick 0 条评论 1
Have a new version not appear in the feed until the file is uploaded. Ethan Ledden 0 条评论 0
Ability to choose if a field is bi-directional for Entity and Multi-Entity types Alexandra Lefève-Gourmelon 0 条评论 0
Integrated Timesheet Anne Akande 0 条评论 1
Filter/Group based on Link Entity Type in web UI. DJ Hauck 0 条评论 2
Query Fields in Email Layout DJ Hauck 0 条评论 0
Include a simple storyboard pdf generator Up Studios 0 条评论 0
Permission to Disable Exporter Brandon Foster 0 条评论 2
Filter related tasks on My Tasks page Mason 0 条评论 1
Screening room hooks and/or signals for RV extension. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 3
Drag & drop Versions & Playlists from Shotgun to Screening Room for RV Tommy 0 条评论 1
Style the revision notes differently from in-thread comments. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 0
a way to setup emails to groups Johannes Hezer 0 条评论 0
Remove () from the name of a duplicated/copied entity. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 1
add to new/existing playlist on version detail page Alex Meddick 0 条评论 0
Revert to a previously saved Page layout Stephen Chiu 0 条评论 7
Ability to configure query-based updates in your Inbox Stephen Chiu 0 条评论 3
Sorting by list order Alex Meddick 0 条评论 0
Make seeing history of fields visible in detail pages Stephen Chiu 0 条评论 2
Batch Importer: Support for populating connection fields (join fields) Tommy 0 条评论 2
Color formatting for saved Page Filters Tommy 0 条评论 1
Change Default Enter Key Behavior for Text Fields Brandon Foster 0 条评论 5
Time-to-load posted in the footer of every page. Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 0