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Allow multiple levels of sorting for "Single record" result in Query Fields Tommy 0 条评论 0
Projects Menu: select what Project landing pages show up in the pop-up sub-menu Tommy 0 条评论 1
Default Multi-Entity fields to use id Tim Chauncey 0 条评论 0
Support Client Access to the Client Review Site with the iOS Review App Shayna Duguid 0 条评论 4
Support filters for Inbox Tommy 0 条评论 23
Allow Mobile App access through IP restrictions Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 6
Make page URLs / links permanent - never change page IDs Tommy 0 条评论 1
Direct links in the user menu Alexey Borzykh 0 条评论 0
Play multiple Versions in Overlay Player Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 3
Support for filtering notes by task pipeline steps Shayna Duguid 0 条评论 3
Sort Timelines in Screening Room by Pipeline Step Matt Welker 0 条评论 2
Crew Planning Date Range Filter Brandon Foster 0 条评论 0
Configurable Selected Task Widget in My Tasks Brandon Foster 0 条评论 1
Option to "reset" or "undo" changes Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 11
Additive Saved Filters Alex Meddick 0 条评论 0
Show filmstrip thumbnails for Version submissions in the Activity Stream (Project Overview and Detail pages) Tommy 0 条评论 2
Configure how many Views are allowed on a page Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 5
Export Duration as number only Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 6
Client Review Site formatting Sigtor Kildal 0 条评论 1
Create pages within Shotgun interface via API Jennifer Brola 0 条评论 3
Make Phases tooltip when hovering over consistent Armando Ricalde 0 条评论 2
Option to generate Version notifications when transcoding is complete - when an uploaded movie is ready to play Tommy 0 条评论 0
Due date notifications in the Inbox Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 5
Option to play linked Version (in SR or SR for RV) from a Note's Inbox notification details Tommy 0 条评论 5
Display additional fields when opening a Playlist in the Review Notes App Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 1
Tracking "Assigned By" on threaded entities to allow follow-ups Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 1
Filter on ticket entity - allow for read/unread filter box Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 1
Task Based Meeting Scheduling Brandon Foster 0 条评论 5
Add filter option for working days Mason 0 条评论 5
Ability to follow Pipeline Steps Tommy 0 条评论 5