Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Shotgun LMS (Local Media Server) Patrick Wolf 3 条评论 22
Client Review Site invitation email formatting Astrid Scholte 7 条评论 13 未计划
Have Monday in the first row / First day of the week Barbara Bernad 3 条评论 6
SG TK browser menus using correct config Fred Chapman 1 条评论 1
Log UUID in Events metadata generated by an API Batch Call Brandon Foster 0 条评论 2 已回答
Way to submit multiple (non-sequential) frames as a single Version for review in Screening Room, or SR for RV Tommy 2 条评论 5
Regex support in shotgun API filters Mahendra Gangaiwar 3 条评论 5
Status hotkeys for Review Notes and Overlay Player Jack James 1 条评论 2
Changing field types looses contained field data - should cast values Geordie Moffatt 1 条评论 2
Better support for resource balancing / leveling - scheduling based on people's availability Tommy 4 条评论 6
Divider and/or Colors for Navigation items Aleks Berland 1 条评论 1
Application icons in Shotgun Toolkit menus Fred Chapman 1 条评论 3
Dangerous liaisons (in Notes contextual menu) Etienne Pecheux 1 条评论 2
Allow for different codecs in the RV Submit tool Jack James 0 条评论 1
@user and #hashtag syntax in notes Cam Langs 1 条评论 2
SketchFab Thumbnails / Reviews Aleks Berland 0 条评论 3
Import Cut - Base Layer Media playback Selliott 0 条评论 1
Option to increase the size of Shotgun (web) UI icons Jesse Spielman 0 条评论 0
Query Field Save Preset Sachin Shrestha 0 条评论 1
Budgeting App Justin Daneman | Celluloid VFX 1 条评论 4
Client Review recipients list Philippe Stalla 0 条评论 3
Rename field header and reorder fields from Manage Columns Astrid Scholte 2 条评论 3
Shotgun Review with task Time Tracking Marc Morissette 1 条评论 1
Simplified small studio features Bjoern G 0 条评论 0
Gantt View: Day & Hour Joe Frayne 15 条评论 25
Still waiting for Android Adam Benson 2 条评论 1 已回答
Shotgun Review for Android Brandon Foster 9 条评论 17 未计划
Custom Welcome Email Mason 1 条评论 4
Enable filmstrip thumbnails and play icon for linked fields (bubbled fields) Tommy 1 条评论 27 已完成
Freelancer Booking support Timor Kardum 1 条评论 0