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2 more keyboard shortcuts needed to QUICKLY create new entity Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 8
Fast adding of items with an inline new item row Patrick Wolf 1 条评论 8
Additional Project Visibility / Access Options Tony Barbieri 7 条评论 8
More Currency Display Options Brandon Foster 4 条评论 8
Color type field Astrid Scholte 1 条评论 8
Trash / Work Schedules - Productions need ability to manage w/o enabling Admin privileges Heather Dinkins 2 条评论 8
Batch download all the quicktimes from a playlist James Cunningham 4 条评论 8
Per Project Notification Settings Brandon Foster 3 条评论 8
Edit Notes from Activity Stream Astrid Scholte 2 条评论 8
Filtering Phases in the Project Timeline App + Gantt Armando Ricalde 3 条评论 8
Options for configuring slate frame and frame burn-ins in Screening Room for RV Submit Tool Tommy 0 条评论 8
Make "project" accessible to URL tokens in non detail pages Matt Welker 2 条评论 8
Play in RV - every where clinton downs 1 条评论 8
automated refresh if viewed data changes Stu Aitken 4 条评论 8
Time Logs - week view entry screen Tommy Kiser 2 条评论 8
Per Project Task Templates Rob Blau 4 条评论 8
Use groups on client review site Frank Rueter 0 条评论 7
Kanban Style - Update Status on Drag and Drop Carey Davenport 1 条评论 7
Client Review - Sync feature Loïc Poës 4 条评论 7
Task Dependency Offset Andrew Fallon 8 条评论 7
Client Review Site Admin Page Tram Le-Jones 1 条评论 7
Organizing Shotgun notifications by threads in email clients Patrick Wolf 0 条评论 7
Calendar Views Julia S. Bacak 2 条评论 7
Generate mini-cuts from Screening Room for Web Tram Le-Jones 2 条评论 7
Update Activity Stream if Link is Updated After Creation Brandon Foster 0 条评论 7
Support Column Formatting Rules on Individual Cell History Shayna Duguid 0 条评论 7
Display Date fields as time passed Astrid Scholte 0 条评论 7
Per permission group layout of Project Navigation Brandon Foster 3 条评论 7
Display Status Name instead of Status Short Code when Sorting in My Tasks Shayna Duguid 2 条评论 7
Batch Reply to Notes Shayna Duguid 3 条评论 7