Debugging or customizing the OCIO nodes?

I'm debugging an issue where an RV OCIO setup doesn't seem to match on of our Nuke OCIO setups. We load in the same source exrs and apply the same grade with the OCIOLook node and then an exposure increase. In Nuke, we are feeding the OCIOLook node into an Exposure node. To replicate the same order of operations in RV I've setup an RVColor node after the OCIOLook node inside the RVLookPipelineGroup. However, with the same exposure increase, the output images appear to be different in some unique areas. It appears to be an issue with areas with some negative pixel values (not ideal in the first place, but sometimes happens) in the source image. Nuke seems to handle these values fine, but RV seems to clip them?

I was wondering if there's any way to debug and examine how the OCIO nodes applies looks. I was also wondering if it's possible to create a custom OCIOLook node that replicates the behavior of the OCIOLook node but integrates additional color controls like exposure, hue, etc post look application. I can see some examples of nodes in RV's Plugins directory, but it looks like the OCIO nodes are not implemented as a package, but integrated into the core?

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