Status Visibility for Different Entities

I wanted to see if there was a way or a plan to introduce this type of functionality in later versions of shotgun. What i need is a way to limit the amount of statuses based on the entity but on a task level, similar to how its done on a main entity status level. For example I can make different statuses visible on the shot main status and the asset main status but i cant do this on a task level. I really want to limit the amount of statuses we see for our assets and this would help us greatly.

Let me know if you guys have any ideas.

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    Brandon Foster

    Thanks for the suggestion Andranik! Just to confirm the behavior you're looking for, it sounds like you are looking for a way to configure a unique set of Task statuses on a per Entity basis. So Tasks linked to Assets might have status options A, B, C, while Tasks linked to Shots would have options of D, E, F. Is that correct?