Python and Qt versions for PyQt with RV 4.2.3 on OSX 10.9.5


I am wondering what are the correct versions to use because after reading many posts and FAQs, things are a bit confusing...

It seems that the python version used by my RV is 2.7.5 and not 2.6.8 like read everywhere.

Then about the version of Qt, is it 4.8.5 or 4.8.6 ?


Thank you

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    Jon Morley

    Hi Gregory,

    All versions of RV 4.2.X are Python 2.7. RV 4.2.3 is using Python 2.7.5 which you can tell by running the py-interp Python interpreter we include in the same directory as the RV executable. The version of Qt that your version of RV is using can be found in the about box under the RV menu. RV 4.2.3 is using 4.8.5.

    The 4.0.X versions all use Python 2.6.

    Does that help?


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    Gregory Rizzo

    Yes ! Thank you.