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I would like to know where I can find the full user manual for both RV and specifically RVIO. The manual that seems to come with the software seems to be missing some of the things the tech support people mention on the site as well as containing some errors in the examples.

For example on page 104 of the manual, example 14.2.6 "shell> rvio foo.#.tga -codec H.264 -outkeyinteval 20 -outdatarate 2500000 -o foo.mov -quality 1.0" does not work at all when executed on a local file.

When running the following command based on the above example: "rvio -v mountain_collapse_v2_anim.mov -codec H.264 -outkeyinteval 20 -outdatarate 2500000 -o foo.mov -quality 1.0" i get the following error: "unrecognized arg: -outkeyinteval"
I assume the spelling of the command is wrong in the manual so I added the missing r to -outkeyinteval.

Running "rvio -v mountain_collapse_v2_anim.mov -codec h.264 -outkeyinterval 20 -outdatarate 2500000 -o foo.mov -quality 1.0"
produces "INFO: mov requires plugin mio_libquicktime.dylib
INFO: mountain_collapse_v2_anim.mov
INFO: writing foo.mov
INFO: output compressor H.264
INFO: output codec H.264
ERROR: Unsupported video codec: H.264"

A while back I was asking why this was not working and someone form tweak responded and gave me the following command to use: "rvio -v *.exr -codec x264 -outparams x264_i_bitrate=25000000 -scale 0.50 -outgamma 0.4f -outsrgb -o preview.mp4"

So changing the H.264 to x264 seems to be working but doing a search in the pdf manual for x264 or in the command line format list (rivo -formats) does not return any results. x264 does not seem to be mentioned anywhere in the documentation, at least not in a searchable context.

Another issue I'm having is that apple ProRez files don't seem to be recognized when running the x264 command above, example 14.2.6 on page 104 of the manual mentions that codecs vary depending on the platform but I'm running osx with final cut installed so according to the information this should be working.
Can anyone from tweak take a look at the documentation or perhaps start a more specific task threat with common scenarios and examples ? Not everyone using the tools is working for Weta where IT guys are a plenty, I'm sure there are other folks out there that would appreciate a little bit more documentation on commonly used workflows such as frame sequence to quicktime with burn in + watermark form image file + uncrop for the data to live in. Or image sequence to prorez (or other format) proxy + web version h264. Or multipass single file exr to multiple quicktime proxy movies. Some of those are pretty common requests even as small studios and it would be nice to keep a common workflows thread going in addition to the manual.

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    Jon Morley

    Hi D2,

    There are couple of things I would like to add here. First of all I want to thank you for the suggestion to clarify this in documentation. There is certainly some clarification needed concerning the use of RV/RVIO with the various movie plugins and codecs.

    The main issue that you are running into here is that the documentation you are referencing is intended to be used with the Apple QuickTime plugin for RV/RVIO. This plugin is only available with the 32-bit versions of RV and RVIO on Mac and Windows. It is also in the 32-bit version that RV/RVIO has access to any additional QuickTime components installed on the system like ProRes. 

    The x264 command line and related outparams refer to arguments used with the libquicktime plugin used in the 64-bit RV/RVIO applications on Linux and Mac. Unfortunately libquicktime with 64-bit RV/RVIO does not have access to the installed Apple QuickTime components. That is why the command line differs. I recognize that this is confusing and we are underway on some work to converge some of this functionality which should help.

    Thank you again for the suggestion. We will see what we can do to make this clearer as we move forward.