RVIO error when loading sequence

Hello guys,

I'm working on a script to export image sequences to qt using RVIO, but I found a problem:  if I use an older version of RVIO (especifically 3.10.13 it works fine, but if I use a newer version it doesn't work, it returns this:

ERROR: No files in sequence path_to_sequence\sequence.#.exr (0)

The same command work fine in 3.10.13

the command looks like this:

rvio.exe in_sequence.#.exr -o out_movie.mov

If I use a tga sequence instead of exr, it does work in both versions. Exr works only in the older version. So I'm pretty lost on what's going on, any help would be appreciated.

We are using RV's 32 bits versions for this under Windows 7 64 bits.


Thanks in advance for any advice/comment on this.



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    Alan Trombla
    Hi Orlando,
    I think this is likely to do with the particular naming of the files.  Could you please shoot us an email at support@tweaksoftware.zendesk.com ?  That'll open a support ticket and we'll investigate.
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    Orlando Esponda

    I will Alan,   thanks.

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    Jon Morley

    For anyone else that reads this thread I think it is worth pointing out that in more recent versions of RV/RVIO "#" is strictly used to represent four digit zero padded frame numbers. You cannot use "#" to represent a single digit or any count other than four and zero padded at that. Please use "@" for all other frame numbering in file names.