Multiple sequences launch of RV as subprocess

Hey guys,

  We are trying to launch RV with multiple sequence of images and haven't found the magic yet.  Here's the subprocess call....pretty straight forward 


and we have tried setting frames every which way.

as a string:

first_frames_v1.1-30#.jpg second_frames_v1.1-30#.jpg 

[first_frames_v1.1-30#.jpg] [second_frames_v1.1-30#.jpg ]

[first_frames_v1.1-30#.jpg second_frames_v1.1-30#.jpg ]

we've also tried using a list instead of string where each set of frames was an item in the list.

So far no luck.  Is this even possible to do multiple frame sequences as a subprocess?

Thanks in advance

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    Jon Morley

    Hi Kevin,

    Can you please tell us a little more about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you simply trying to programmatically launch RV with each sequence?

    Have you taken a look at RVPUSH?

     17: RVPUSH

    Please see if that isn't more like what you are shooting for.