Custom Overlays and Packages

Still getting up to speed with the Packaging system, forgive me if this is covered in the docs.
I have a custom overlay mu script that needs to get distributed. In the past this meant just copying the mu file into <rv_dir>/plugins/Mu. I'm wondering if there's a more "proper" way to do this nowadays using the package system?


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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Tomas,

    Yep, probably best to start with the chapter in the ref manual on packages, here.

    And yes, this is a suitable use for a Package, the only unusual thing is that your package won't provide any new modes, just an additional mu module that you can call to do your overlay.  So the PACKAGE file "modes" field can be empty (or missing).

    Hope that helps,


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    Jim Hourihan

    You can still just copy it if you want.

    Making a package out of it should be easy too: just create a zip file called e.g. myrvio_overlay-1.0.rvpg with your mu file and a file called PACKAGE in it. The PACKAGE file looks like this:

    package: myrvio_overlay
    author: Somebody
    version: 1.0
    rv: 3.10
    description: |
         This package has an rvio overlay script

    note that the version and name of the zip file should match what's in the PACKAGE file.