viewing actual pixels instead of normalized % for stereo offset

Howdy, just wondering if there's a way to display actual pixel value offsets when adjusting stereo (relative eye offset)?  As in, rather than "1.01" or a %, I'm wanting to see "-3.4 px" or something more along those lines. 

Don't see an obvious way to do it but, RV being as customizable as it is, maybe there's an easy way to access that display value.  Seems like I've seen this in my travels before, at another studio.  Or maybe it was all a dream.  Either way...   me WANT!  :)

Any tips?  'preciate it!


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    J Bills

    a ha - HUD.mu seems to contain all that I was looking for and more as far as displaying the offset.  and there seems to have been some work done in this area already, if we can just make it work for any image instead of being hard wired for 2k, etc, we'll be in good shape.

    I love that RV is so TWEAKable.

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    Alan Trombla

    Hi J,

    Yes, we added some infrastructure to make this possible, but haven't got around actually sticking it in the interface somewhere (and we're worried about crowding the interface, too).  This case is a little more complicated than what's there now, because the scaling needs to be determined "live" at the time we construct the parameter editing mode.  But if you make a function like this:

        \: buildStereoOffsetMode (void; Event event)
            require rvui;

            rvtypes.State state = data();
            let w = 100.0;

            if (state.pixelInfo neq nil && !state.pixelInfo.empty())
                PixelImageInfo info = state.pixelInfo.front();

                for_each (ri; renderedImages())
                    if (ri.name == info.name)
                        w = ri.width;

            rvui.startParameterMode("#RVSourceStereo.stereo.relativeOffset", 1.0, 0.0, -float.max, \:(float;) {1.0/w;}, 1.0/w) (event);

    And put it on a menu item or hotkey like this:

        app_utils.bind("key-down--X", buildStereoOffsetMode);

    That should get you something like what you're after.