import EDL from command line?


I'm curious to know if it's possible to import a simple edl, from the command line.  I was using the command line to specify sources, up until I hit the 'MAX CHARACTER' limit.  I'd like to load the sources into RV using the edl, in hopes I'll dodge the max char limit @ the command line.

Any suggestions?


(Sorry for repeat post)

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    Alan Trombla

    Hi Matt,

    It is possible, though not pretty:

    rv -eval 'rvui.parseSimpleEDL("blah.edl");'

    But if you're going to the trouble to write and edl, what about writing a BAT file or something ?  (Assuming you can get around the max chars problem there.)

    The larger story here is that the command line is now more fully-featured than the simple edl format, so we're going to phase it out and replace it with ".rvcmd" files that basically hold a (possibly very long) command line.  Not sure when exactly that'll happen but it's high on my personal list.



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    Matt Tucker

    Sounds great.  The eval will work just fine.  it's running through a .bat already, so it's not so ugly to the end user anyway.  Should work well for now.