RVIO Export to "NO COMPRESSION 10 BITS 4:2:2"

Dear team,  

Quicktime does not load *.dpx (except with plug-ins) and displays a different gamma than image source really has.
I don't really like this tool, that is why I want to export *.dpx sequences with RVIO.

Question is: Do you know the codec export option equivalent of quicktime: "NO COMPRESSION 10 BITS 4:2:2" in RVIO?
It should be something like:
shell> rvio foo.mov - codec ????? -o foo.mov

Goal is to have exact same quality than *.dpx sequence, but in a mov file for final cut pro.

Thank you very much.

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    Antoine Marbach

    my bad, i made a mistake in the command line:

    WRONG: shell> rvio foo.mov - codec ????? -o foo.mov

    RIGHT:  shell> rvio foo.#.dpx - codec ????? -o foo.mov

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    Alan Trombla

    We finished this discussion on a support ticket, so to update the thread:

    Something like this should give you a quicktime with no compression
    artifacts or color shifts (thought it will be large!):

    rvio foo.#.dpx -codec raw -o foo.mov -outsrgb -inlog

    (Assuming your DPX files are log-encoded.)

    rvio can't current write 10 bit codecs unfortunately. You can get a list of what it accepts by running rvio -formats on the command line. I think Compressor is completely separate from quicktime. I don't think its possible for rvio to use any plugins it may have.