Can I tell tank push_configuration to not push MyFolder/config/.git ?

We are managing config development with Git, but using tank push_configuration for the final deployment from our staging environment to the production environment. This means we have a .git folder in the config folder as follows:


> environment/
>> cache/
>> config/
>>> .git/
>>> core/
>>> and so on...
>> install/
>> tank
>> tank.bat


However, this means that every time we run tank push_configuration, the .git folder gets copied to the production environment, which we do not want.

I thought this would be addressed by rules in config/core/schema/ignore_files, but obviously this only applies to folders created by Shotgun, not folders copied by tank.

Is there any way to configure tank not to push the .git folder?

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    Hi David,

    We don't have a way to do this right now, but I've added a ticket for it and it shouldn't be too hard to incorporate something like this. I

    To clarify, in your workflow, your primary config is not controlled by git, but your cloned config is? Is that right?

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    David Rix

    Hi KP,

    Thanks very much. Will you post to this thread on release, or should I watch somewhere else for an announcement?

    Yes, we use Git for config development (the config folder only), and tank for config deployment. We figure Git is not rely designed as a deployment tool, but tank is :D

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    We'll update this thread when it's out. Since you started it, you should get a notification.

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    Tannaz Sassooni

    For the record, we got this fix for free with some of the changes that came with tk-core v0.18, so it's actually been out for a while!