tank.util.find_publish returns empty dict


What is the required setup in shotgun to be able to get correct results out of the tank.util.find_publish?

I am setting up a pipeline for mari. The breakdown app seems to fail. With following error :

tank.errors.TankError: Failed to find Shotgun publish record for '/projects/project_namelibrary/assets/character/assetName/step/task/v002/abc/deep_assetName_step-task_base_v002.abc'

I looked in the pubished files and there is this abc in the list of published files.

I tried to cut out the code and make it work with some simple python code and got following code :

import tank
tk = tank.platform.current_engine()
tk = tk.tank
fields = ["id", "path", "version_number"]
pubilshed = tank.util.find_publish(tk, ['/projects/project_namelibrary/assets/character/assetName/step/task/v002/abc/deep_assetName_step-task_base_v002.abc'], fields=fields)
print pubilshed

This gives also an empty dict back. So someway the find_publish() is not working as I tought.
Are there required fields in shotgun?



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