Trying to Create a subasset folder within an asset folder

What I'm trying to do with the schema is to set up a sub asset system. We usually have a master background which is a large full image and then a series of smaller pictures from that background which are the backgrounds actually used. These are subassets on shotgun and I was trying to set up a folder structure for this with the line 

filters: [ { "path": "parents", "relation": "is", "values": [ "$asset" ] },
              { "path": "sg_asset_type", "relation": "is", "values": [ "Matte Painting" ] }]

However it doesn't seem to understand the 'parents' keyword even though it definitely exists for the asset entity on the Shotgun site. I tried establishing two paths with

asset_root: 11_background/{sg_asset_type}/{Asset}
asset_root: 11_background/{sg_asset_type}/{Asset}/{Asset}

which could make the same asset twice but didn't help with nested assets at all. Is there any way of getting shotgun to view these assets as distinct and establish the structure without creating a custom SubAsset class on our site?

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