Shotgun + Linux + Nuke + Draft = Fatal Crash


We recently switched to linux and we are now experiencing a major problem we're unable to resolve.

The problem is pretty simple to replicate :

  • We launch Nuke 8.0 from Shotgun website or with the tank command
  • We submit a render with the Thinkbox submitter while activating the Draft plugin (for Quicktime movie generation)

When those 2 conditions are met, Nuke crashes instantly.  If I only render the Nuke script without Quicktime generation, all go well.  If I start Nuke without Shotgun, all go well.  Under Windows, all go well too.

I talked a lot with the troubleshooting at Thinkbox Software.  They made me change a couple of things in their submitter, but it didn't solve my problem.  While trying to resolve it, I added some old school debugging, writing files on disk to know where the submitter crash.  The weirdest thing is, when this old school debugging is in place, it stops crashing, but only on my computer.  As soon as I remove the disk writes (mainly f = open('/path/to/disk/linenumber.log', 'w')), the crashes come back.

We are using Nuke 8.0v3 64bits under CentOS 6.5 (final) 64bits.  We're pretty much up-to-date for the Shotgun Toolkit, with a lot of in-house hooks devellopment.

Any idea?

We are also considering to eventually drop Draft for RVIO to solve this problem and some others.  Does RVIO and Shotgun loves each other? :)




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    There's a bug in libc (see http://bugs.python.org/issue6059) that is causing issues with libuuid. We've been back and forth with the Foundry about it and they confirmed it but it appears to be really hit and miss depending on the build. The way to circumvent it is to set LD_PRELOAD prior to launching Nuke so it picks up the correct version of libuuid.

    LD_PRELOAD=/lib64/libuuid.so.1 ./Nuke8.0

    If you need to do this as part of the Toolkit launch, you can modify the before_launch_app hook and set it there.

    Can you see if that resolves the issue for you?

    As for RVIO... sure, we love each other a lot. But we don't have any specific hooks into RVIO from Shotgun or Toolkit. You're welcome to implement anything you like into your hooks to achieve what you want though! Let me know if you have more questions about that.