Review submission use outside Nuke?

Hi everyone,

this is my first post here! :)

We're having some trouble figuring out how we can get the review submission app to work outside Nuke. We want to submit playblasts from Maya to Shotgun and we thought the review and submit app would be usable for that. I saw in the info.yml of the review submit app that it's only installable for tk-nuke though and adding Maya to that list just results into problems with importing the nuke module into Maya (as their python versions differ of the Nuke 8 and Maya 2013 versions we have).

So, can the review submission app be used outside Nuke at all in its current state? And if so, an example of how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated as we've been trying to figure this out for quite a while now.

kind regards, Jeff



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    Alan Dann

    Hi Jeff,

    Sorry for the long delay in replying to your post :(

    Unfortunately, although the tk-multi-reviewsubmission app is a multi-app and we do intend for it to be usable outside of Nuke, we haven't had time to do the work for this ourselves yet!

    The code was originally contained in a Nuke specific app and the first step to making it a true multi (cross engine) app was to move that code into this app and clean it up a bit.  The next step is to isolate the Nuke functionality which has been done but it's still in a branch/pull request on Github here:


    The final step which we've not had the time to do yet would be to replace the Nuke rendering inside the new hook with something else (e.g. ffmpeg) that would take a set of frames and create a quicktime for review.

    If you have the capacity then this might be something you could take on yourselves (if you haven't done it already!), otherwise we can look at increasing the priority of this work.

    Sorry that's not more helpful!


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    Jeffrey Vermeer

    I also did a request on this through the non-public support and their response was mostly the same, so don't worry about the long response time too much :P

    It would be great if this could get a higher priority though! We are looking into doing something similar ourselves, but we don't have many resources for development. I mean I'm pretty much the only one working fulltime on our pipeline and I'm doing this as a graduation project with no real coding/development education/experience (except for some amateur scripting for games), so any help we can get to get our pipeline up and running sooner would be awesome!

    Kind regards,


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    Marijn Eken

    I would like to add that I can't wait to get this functionality myself as well. I'm currently working on some extensions for Maya to publish renders and ran into this 'issue'.

    Wouldn't it also be possible to use Nuke in the background? Since it's now possible to 'import nuke' and basically have a full running non-GUI Nuke session. I see that it might not be an ideal solution, since you need a Nuke license available on every machine then, but that's not an issue in my particular case.

    I might have a go at pulling that branch and see if I can make it work outside of Nuke.