SG Desktop - first start

Just downloaded and installed the Shotgun Desktop but it wont get past the splash screen "Setting up default site configuration"

The log file in 

has this....
2014-10-10 14:37:38,344 [INFO] ------------------ Desktop Engine Bootstrap ------------------
2014-10-10 14:38:18,220 [ERROR] Template project not found.
2014-10-10 14:51:02,582 [INFO] ------------------ Desktop Engine Bootstrap ------------------
2014-10-10 14:51:09,729 [ERROR] Template project not found.
2014-10-10 14:51:28,119 [INFO] ------------------ Desktop Engine Bootstrap ------------------
2014-10-10 14:51:35,811 [ERROR] Template project not found.
2014-10-10 14:52:21,765 [INFO] ------------------ Desktop Engine Bootstrap ------------------
2014-10-10 14:52:31,155 [ERROR] Template project not found.
Did I miss something?
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    Philipp Wolf

    Hi Michael,

    I just had the same Issue but the error keeps showing up even with a "Template Project" setup in SG.

    What could I do?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hey Michael,

    Every Shotgun site comes pre-loaded with a Project named "Template Project". Shotgun Desktop currently requires this Project to exist.

    If you have retired the Project, in the Admin > Trash menu select Projects. Then select the Project named "Template Project" and click on the "Revive" button. You should now be able to run Shotgun Desktop.

    If you have no "Template Project" in your Trash, then it's possible someone renamed it. In this case, create a new Project and name it "Template Project". Put a note in the description informing users not to delete or re-use it, and then you should be able to run Shotgun Desktop.

    If neither of the solutions above solve your problem, contact us at toolkitsupport@shotgunsoftware.com and we'll take a deeper look.

    More details if you're interested:

    The pipeline configurations for a Toolkit Project are represented in Shotgun as a PipelineConfiguration entity. And they are appropriately linked to the Project entity they are for. Shotgun Desktop doesn't work with any single project, instead it works with an entire site. So we introduced a new type of  PipelineConfiguration called a Site Configuration. The easiest place to store that in Shotgun without introducing a lot of additional overhead was in a PipelineConfiguration entity linked to the Template Project since all Shotgun sites (should) have the Template Project and it would be tucked away nicely.

    This isn't a permanent solution. The Template Project used to used as a template for creating new Projects in Shotgun. We'll be deprecating the Template Project and it will go away eventually since its role in Shotgun has diminished to almost nil at this point. And we'll be creating a more permanent (and cleaner) solution to where to store the site configurations.