Firefox custom search engine and shotgun

One of our engineers is currently setting up the latest version of Firefox for rollout to the studio, and was wondering if it was possible to add something to the Firefox custom search engine to hook it up to our shotgun server.  It seems like a cool idea - maybe it could behave like the Quick Jump widget on a shotgun page.  Is there a URL or such that he could use to access this search ability from the custom search engine?

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    Astrid Scholte

    Hi Cathy,
    I checked in with the Tech Team and unfortunately Shotgun's global search is not, at the moment, architected in such a way that would make integrating with Firefox's quick search tools possible. It would be very cool though!

    One option would be to use an application like Alfred or Quicksilver which can help you quickly pull up bookmarks and for which you could even write plugins for using our Python API if you are technically inclined to build such things.

    Thanks so much for your feedback!

    Kind regards,

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    Cathy Blanco

    Thanks for looking into this!  Yeah, I didn't see any hooks for that sort of thing, but thought I'd ask.