Schema Query

When querying a Status list it would rock if you could return not only the valid options but the corresponding display values as well.  It's not to difficult to make a look up table for each value but honestly we are using the schema query to make our code less dependent upon look up tables that are not getting properly maintained.  Attached is a sample of the output from a status list.  It would be nice if we had a 'display_options' field.


 'display_name': 'Status',
 'editable': True,
 'valid_options': ['apr',

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    Mike Romey

    Is it possible to remotely edit the editable value of a schema query?  I'd like to make a field non-editable.  If I have to do it via the API thats fine for now.



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    You can use permissions for that with the same result. Submit a support ticket if you'd like to have something added to your permissions rules and we'll take care of it.