Way to submit multiple (non-sequential) frames as a single Version for review in Screening Room, or SR for RV

Sometimes there is a need to submit multiple frames as a single Version for review. Some examples would be if you have images of the same CG asset from different angles (front, back, front 3/4, etc.), or if you have a rough animation pop-through that is on 2's, 4's or 10's. Currently the only way to submit an image sequence is via Screening Room for RV's submit tool, and it will only submit multiple images as a single version if they are sequential and adhere to the proper naming convention. Uploading a series of images to the web UI will make a single Version for each individual image, which is not ideal for the above examples.

It would be great to have a way to submit a group of images, either through the web UI or through SR for RV, and specify that they should be submitted as a single Version, regardless of whether or not they are sequential or adhere to any sort of naming convention. You should then be able to frame through each image when that Version is loaded in any of the Shotgun review tools.

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    Alexey Borzykh

    We're faced exactly the same need pretty fast, as we get our project moving on actively and amount of versions per day became vital for supervisors. So, yes, it to be nice to have it implemented as a base feature/option to convert all separate media into one movie file under one version.

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    Johal Gow

    This is huge for games because Versions may not necessarily be used for videos. they could be used for textures, reference images, multiple renders for legal approval