Fast adding of items with an inline new item row

Currently to add a new item like a ticket or task we need to press the + button and fill out a more or less lengthy form.
It works but the issue is that it takes one out of the flow as it's a separate form. Because of this people often resort to notepad, excel etc. to track items quickly.

How about a new item row at the top of the grid?
We could just click into it and the row would become editable already pre-filled based on the current filters.
With TAB we could jump between the fields
With ENTER we could safe the row and automatically start editing a fresh new item row (allowing us to make 10 rows in 30seconds)
With ESC (or mouse click outside) we could cancel the edit

Here are a couple of examples of a new item row in action:

Agreed that it would be a great feature and improve efficiency? Vote for it!

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    Seth Lippman

    The Asana example clearly demonstrates the efficiency of being able to add multiple tasks without your fingers leaving the keyboard!