Keep vacation bookings within projects

It would be very helpful if bookings that are checked as "vacation" could remain linked to the project. otherwise they disappear from the project bookings page, which is annoying.

Also, i've recently added a new field called "booking status" to accommodate more booking options such as "sick", "roll off", "roll on" for people coming on or leaving the show..it'd be nice if there was a way for this field to be visible in the crew planning app (use the booking status instead of "vacation"

thank you

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    Beth Dewhirst 正式评论

    To all those wishing for their `Vacation` Bookings to show up on their Project "Other Pages > Bookings" page, you can create the following Saved Filter in the Filter Panel:

    1. In the Filter Panel click `[+]New Saved Filter`
    2. Title your Filter
    3. Disable the standard Project Filter by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the Saved Filter 
    4. Add a filter like so `Assigned to > Project` is `Current Project`
    5. Add an "any" `End Date` filter group if you only want to see Active Bookings (optional)

    This will search for all Bookings where the Person has the Current Project in their Projects field, but on the "User" level, instead of the "Booking" - it's reverse engineering the search.

    Hope that helps!


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    Beth Dewhirst

    Good call Tony!