Add filter option for working days

We've heard from some studios that they'd like the option to use 'working days' when filtering for results on a page in Shotgun, or when creating custom formatting, for example. 

- Show Versions, where: Date Created > is in the last > 2 > working days (so if viewing the page on a Monday morning, you'd see results from Thursday, Friday not Saturday, Sunday) 

- Format cell background colour to red if: Tasks End Date >  is in the next > 2 > working days

At the moment, we don't make an allowance for non-working days - we treat all days the same when filtering or formatting. This feature does get a little complicated to write a spec for, when you try to define what a working day is, as there are a number of calendars available: The Default Calendar, a Per-Project Calendar, and a Person Calendar. Each calendar can have a number of work-day exceptions.

At this stage, it would be interesting to see which other users/studios would be interested in this feature - add in your 'me too' vote - and any other examples of when you'd use this feature. 

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