Private Projects/Tickets/Notes etc.

Would be great to have a Private check box on entities like Projects/Tickets/Notes.

So when private is checked only admin's and the people directly assigned to the project/ticket/note would be able to see it.

For Notes/Tickets its just an easy way to have more granular permissions for a particular item.

For Projects it basically means that users with the "see all projects" permission would not be able to see the project unless they are specifically assigned to it.

I do feel Admin's should be able to see everything as they are in charge of maintaining & administrating the site.


PS: I'm sure there are more entities which could make use of a private flag. Any suggestions?

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    Danny Robashkin

    I think this should just be made a global feature. Every entity could use it.... linked entities could get the same private setting perhaps?

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    Whitney Hagan

    I worked on a show where they wanted some shots to be private (while in the bidding stage)