Context-sensitive help or "Training Wheels" mode (tooltips or overlay)

Had a suggestion from an artist to add more help tidbits in a context-sensitive presentation.  He was referring specifically to having the textile markup info available from a '?' icon in the note/ticket edit window, but I'm sure there a number of other areas that would benefit from a quick, targeted help link in the interface.

UPDATE: Expanding on this old request based on some recent client feedback. They suggested a toggle to activate detailed tooltip popups for the key functions in the UI for a given page. They referenced Maya 2014, which also adds a link in the tooltip to a video with more info on some features.

Question for those who support this idea: what areas of Shotgun do you feel are most critical to add this type of help for? What pages do people have the most confusion on, or the most questions about? It's likely we would implement this in stages, what pages should we focus on first?

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