Import related improvements

I have a few requests, based on what I'm experiencing while migrating project data from our existing system to Shotgun.


1. Allow some bad data to be imported. Through the UI, I can set the Task "Assigned To" to be a user that does not exist. This is useful to me, for assigning to people who have not yet logged into Shotgun for the first time. I can't do this with the importer -- I get to the end of the process, and then I'm forced to go back and create People (including entering their email addresses and temp passwords, etc., which would all get added automatically with LDAP once they logged in) for all the tasks. It's much easier for me to import the data now and then use Shotgun to fix the problems later.


2. It would be awesome if, after I create a new Person, for any "Assigned To" field value that is currently invalid, but has the same name as the Person I just created, Shotgun could "fix" all those fields to correctly link to the new Person. Currently the field value remains red, and the only way to fix it is to clear it, and then re-enter it.


3. In Step 4 of the Import, when there is an invalid value, there currently IS a way to clear the value, or to not import the column, but there's NO way to remove individual rows, or just ignore all rows with errors. This might be a useful feature to include, though it would be probably be less valuable to me if the errors were not blocking the import, as described above.





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