Progress Over Time Reports

Not sure how far Shotgun will go into an Excel-oriented reporting area such as this, but I have a number of managers who have to make weekly reports showing progress over time.  So within a certain time period (say the last 6 months, or time since the start of the production), show information like number of shots finaled per week, run time finaled per week, and potentially some measure of inventory per week, in both shot count and run time as well (probably keying off a status setting like RDY).

The interaction could be just setting up a filtered page (shots where task x status = Final), adding the columns you need with summaries turned on (cut duration, task x status, task y status, etc.), then selecting a time range and a period (1/1/08 thru Today, weekly/monthly/yearly/etc.).  I guess the display would just scroll on horizontally as long as it needed to.

Of course I'm sure a query like this crawling back through event history could be very expensive, so maybe you set up the report and it updates nightly or something...or you select how often to update it (nightly, once a week on this day, etc.).

Odds are this would still end up being exported to Excel and emailed around, but maybe not if we could get it into a format people liked.  It would need to print neatly for sure.

I know we've kicked around talk of reports like this before, not sure how this kind of thing fits in the overall vision for Shotgun, but I thought I'd throw it out there.  If I know Nephi he's probably already prototyped it. ;)


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