Scheduling Gap Report

So we are kinda in a bind.  We need a way to look for gaps in sceduling on a per artist basis.  I will probably build a tool to do this but wanted to run the idea across everyone on the forum to see if anyone had any better ideas or thoughts on the matter.

1.  Get a date range and filter the dates to not include weekends.

2.  Get a list of all users who bill to projects.

3.  Loop through each user and each day and get a list of all the tasks for that speicifed user and day

4.  Determine if any of the tasks starts on or before the date and end on or after the date specified.

5.  If the user has no scheduled task, add them to the list of users for that date who have no scheduled tasks.

6.  Take all the dates and make a list of all the users who are not scheduled on those specified days and build a report via html.





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