Simplified small studio features

This would describe for me the ideal Workflow if one would work with remote artists. Like for example a small studio of 3 people who works with remote artist around the world:

1. A standalone Desktop/publish-tool that does NOT need to be installed. It can be just downloaded and then executed. (In app tool kits are not important, they are just shiny luxury. The Standalone pub-tool is all one would need. 
2. all shogun config lives within the shotgun page (Template.yml, etc). the local tools downloads that information and caches until it changes. Checks happen on login or via global push (forced re login in)
3. A stopwatch that a user can use track there time instead of having to remember. Look at ftrack. They nailed it.

allot of remote artist have there o little ecosystems. And they don't want them to be invaded. And the only thing that you really want to do is: Give them the ability to publish files as easy as possible with zero config and any installation.
as well as that you know how much work when they do. Thats it.

Such a setup would be ridiculously fantastic! :)

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