using sgtk python to return the date an asset was published

Im using the python sgtk for maya, not sure if this is the correct topic

I need to return the date an asset was published, i can get all sorts of data such as the sg_status_list, name, version number, ect, using filters,fields and the find commands but i cant seem to get it to return the date a published file was created. I can see the date in the online database on the website. What field will return the date the published asset file was created? Is this a non standard data type?

I've tried 'date', and 'date created' in the fields list. Doesn't seem to effect my results at all.

Also, is there a way to get the name of the field tag name directly from the online database on the website?


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    Rob Garcia

    in case any one was wondering:

    its the "created_at" flag

    you can view all of the field flag names by accesing the manage colums popup and hovering over a field name