Let us know what you'd like to see in Shotgun!

Bulk Unretire / Revive Selected items in the Trash Matt Welker 2 댓글 2 완료
A button to suppress Welcome to Inbox/My Task videos from coming up. Jeff 6 댓글 5 완료
Default Value for List Field Matt Welker 12 댓글 14 완료
UI for Managing Tags Tommy 23 댓글 66 완료
Option to configure the Thumbnail field to be a query field of a linked Entity Astrid Scholte 25 댓글 34 완료
More tabs on a Detail Page Astrid Scholte 20 댓글 21 완료
Automated way for a user to reset their password ("Forgot Password" link) Tommy 4 댓글 20 완료
Customizable Per-Person Homepages Jacob Medendorp 5 댓글 27 완료
Ability to customise fields on Notes detail page Judith Pope 11 댓글 15 완료
Free screening room for clients Robert Grbevski 3 댓글 0 완료
"Today"-button in the gantt view Bonsak Schieldrop 6 댓글 0 완료
HTML 5 Video field Jimmy Christensen 20 댓글 2 완료
Something as the old "Global Pages" in SG 3.0 Armando Ricalde 2 댓글 0 완료
The Foundry´s HIERO Timor Kardum 4 댓글 3 완료
Support 'in' filter on status list Scott Pearson 7 댓글 0 완료
24 hour clock John Purdie 8 댓글 21 완료
Dropdown lists to autocomplete with text typing Susan Standen 0 댓글 0 완료
fields - ability to view on a per-project basis clinton downs 3 댓글 1 완료
Deep(er) linking Mark Visser 9 댓글 8 완료
Task cell colors based on Status Joe Frayne 1 댓글 1 완료
bulk upload?? Bryan Holland 18 댓글 1 완료
Non-login "People" Pliny (John Eremic) 10 댓글 2 완료
Multiple Project Templates Gavin Greenwalt 10 댓글 1 완료
Project Name Field Link to Project Dashboard Gavin Greenwalt 8 댓글 1 완료
Give Custom Entities Full Rights As Citizens Pliny (John Eremic) 15 댓글 0 완료
Calculated Fields Don Parker 46 댓글 70 완료
A modest request Pliny (John Eremic) 2 댓글 1 완료
Search across custom entities Pliny (John Eremic) 2 댓글 0 완료
Including Project name in email notifications Andy Geers 9 댓글 0 완료
Ability to dock the filter popup Andy Geers 1 댓글 1 완료