RV is ignoring my RV_SUPPORT_PATH and I can't run 'rvpkg' command


I am trying to install a rvpkg to our RV tool at work. They're running 7.2.5. Basically they have their own rvpkg's in the RV_HOME directory. I've set an environment variable to make "RV_SUPPORT_PATH" point to "~/.rv" and have confirmed this is environment is correct when I open shell.

I also made a folder in there called "Packages" and added a valid rvpkg (an example one from the wesbite) inside that folder. However nothing is loading in RV. I went to the Packages and I can't see it there, even after checking show hidden files. Also RV is not creating the file structure that it describes in the documentation (Packages, Mu, etc).

I'm on CentOs7, would appreciate any help

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