Do I have to have Scene and Shot separate on disk?

My studio is trying to come up with a new folder pipeline with Shotgun's toolkit:
where sequence can be any animation type; from cycles to a scene_shot named folder

But we're happy with how the shotgun website tracks the scenes and shots and assets.

Upon making the schema and changing the templates.yml from a Scene and Shot pipeline to a more broad Animation pipeline we get the Warning that our work files haven't been set up in shotgun and we are unable to create any files for animation tasks.

Do we absolutely have to continue to track our scene and shots separately on disk if they are tracked separately on the website?

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    Philip Scadding

    Hi Bryan

    It's a little hard to tell from this description exactly how you have setup your schema and templates. Just to clarify, when you say: "where sequence can be any animation type; from cycles to a scene_shot named folder", your saying that the sequence part of the folder structure can be represented by any number of different entity types, such as Shot, Scene or Asset?

    The entity folders defined in the schema must represent a particular entity type, whether that is a Shot, Asset or Scene, but they can't represent multiple at the same time. This is because toolkit needs to be able understand not only how to build a path given a context but all how to get the context given a path.

    I've not tested this, but what I guess I would have is something like this in the schema:


        - shot/

        - shot.yml

        - asset/

        - asset.yml

        - scene/

        - scene.yml


    So that all your entity types sit in the same parent folder. That said you would still need separate templates for each of these entity types, even if the structure underneath these folders is the same. You would also still need separate environments (the yml files found in the ...config/env folder) for each of these entity types as well.



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    bryan money

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your answer, and yes your assessment of what I asked was correct; I was using the term "sequence" as any animation type, be it a shot of a scene or an animation cycle. Sorry for the confusion, I'm a bit new and overwhelmed by how our older pipelines were set up vs what we want to do. The people who set this up for us are no longer here, so I'm learning by reading everything in the user/admin/dev guides and trying to follow along in the videos.

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