Issue with python ssl module.

I am attempting to set up Shotgun UE4 integration and have run into an issue regarding the python ssl module included with Shotgun. When running the bootstrap script an attempt to call into the ssl module fails with the following error:

LogPython: Error:   File "C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Python\Lib\ssl.py", line 387, in wrap_socket
LogPython: Error:     ciphers=ciphers)
LogPython: Error:   File "C:\Program Files\Shotgun\Python\Lib\ssl.py", line 138, in __init__
LogPython: Error:     self._sslobj = _ssl.sslwrap(self._sock, server_side,
LogPython: Error: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'sslwrap'

Googling the error suggests that this is a known issue and to upgrade python and the ssl module to a working version.

Is there a better way to mitigate this than simply manually installing a working version of the module and or python? (pip seemingly cannot be used with the supplied python version)

Is there any reason that the python version supplied with Shotgun is 2.7.6 rather than a more up-to-date version or will I be able to simply install a working version without issue?


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