Production Insights - Line charts to compare deadline vs. progress?


     Is there an option to create a Line Chart where we can check deadline vs. progress? In fact, I created 2 line charts in order to do that but, it is not very useful at all. First chart is number of shots which need to be completed by due date. Second chart is number of shots which are completed by due date.

Anyway, it will be much better if:

  1. Line char summarise number of shots from previous deadlines so it will be always a "growing up" line. For instance, on the first chart we should have: August 10th = 260, August 17th = 280 (260+20), August 24th = 354 (260+20+74), etc.
  2. Those 2 charts could be shown in just one chart so we can compare deadline vs. progress, and check instantly if we are behind or ahead the schedule.

Any idea? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

Dario Sanchez.

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