Houdini HDA publish possibility?

Hey guys,

I just looked at the Houdini integration today for the first time, out of consideration of using it as a look dev and lighting pipeline (not just fx).

Unfortunately by default there seems there is no way to load scene publishes. I understand this as Houdini does not have an inherit referencing tool for managing updates like Maya... But what about publishing of HDA's as a possibility?

That way a character model can be surfaced and developed (with shading, fur, LOD, shader controls,etc) and loaded into Lighting. The HDA can be updated and changes will propergate down the pipe, while Anim abc's will drive the mesh via say - an input of the HDA.

Thoughts? Any plans for something like that?


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    Patrick Macdonald

    Hi Oliver,

    How are you getting on with this. Have you managed to roll your own  referencing system in houdini? I'm also looking at the logistics involved in using Houdini for look-dev and lighting. 



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