Welcome to tracking-aware playback

Tweak and Shotgun have been working together for several months, and now that the fundamental infrastructure is in place to allow close communication between the two applications, it's becoming clear that the biggest problem we face is somehow chosing which of the millions of awesome possible features we should implement next.

Hopefully you'll be willing to help us with that.  Once we get our act together,  you should be able to find on  this forum pretty much all the information we distribute related to RV/Shotgun integration.

In particular,

  • Target feature set for the first release
  • Development schedule
  • Future feature popularity contests
  • List of frequently asked questions

Note that if you register to post on the forums, you'll get a little Subscribe button at the top of the page, and clicking on that will set you up to receive mail every time something is posted to this forum.

And if you managed to get here somehow without seeing the RV/Shotgun Preview video demo, check it out!


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