RV_PATHSWAP_ROOT not working

A few days ago I asked here (last entries):



Since it seemed everything should be working (but it didn't), I've been doing some simple tests today.

We've set up two machines A and B so

on machine A:

1) Added some media in "c:\tmp\rv_test\chema\reviews\aspen"

2) set RV_PATHSWAP_ROOT=c:\tmp\rv_test\chema


on machine B:

1) Added some media in "c:\temp\rvtest_bruno\reviews\aspen"

2) set RV_PATHSWAP_ROOT=c:\temp\rvtest_bruno


Then machine A connected to B

Machine B loaded all media files in Aspen folder

Machine B did a push session

See attached file to see what I got on machine A.





Just wondering if it's something to do with loading a range of files?


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    Jon Morley

    Hi Chema,

    I think Alan was encouraging you to open a support ticket for this so we could dig in further. Here is where you open a new ticket:


    I would start with that. I think it would be best if you could send us your session file from the state of RV when you first connect the two clients, as well as when you try to push the session.


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