How do I use another version of Maya/Nuke/etc than the default one?

After I have installed Toolkit using the default config, it tried to launch the wrong version of Maya/Nuke/etc. How do I change it?

In Shotgun, I am seeing an error message looking something like this:


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    Manne Öhrström

    When Toolkit launches an application, it reads one of its configuration files to find out what the path to the executable is. If you are using a different version of the application, or if you have installed it into a different location on disk, you will get the error message above.

    Fixing this is simple! Just locate the configuration file, open it in a text editor and edit the relevant part.  You can find it by navigating to your toolkit project configuration, and find the paths.yml file:


    Open up the file shown in the screenshot above, and you'll find all the application paths that Toolkit will use when trying to launch maya, nuke etc. Edit this file to point to your relevant installation and try again!

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