Timecode format 30 FPS ?


looks like Shotgun is using 24 FPS as it's TC format. My show is 30 FPS and when I type in a TC like 1:14:25:26

I get an 'invalid format' exception.

Any way to change the format to 30 ?



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    Stephen Chiu

    Hey Uwe,

    We can modify your site to reflect the 30 FPS format. Note that this will apply to all projects and all time code fields. In the future, we'll allow for modifying this all in the UI, in addition to establishing project over-rides to support projects with different specs. This is SG ticket #10996.

    Email us at support@shotgunsoftware.com if you'd like to establish this, and we'll make it so!



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    Hey I just ran into an issue with this. The show is 24fps, but we are using footage that has different time rates. It would be nice if timecode fields could be configured individually. I'll just do plain text import for the the non 24fps fields for now.

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    DJ Hauck

    I didn’t realize it was possible to change the TC standard in the background, but is there any update to this on the user side? Is there anything on the Roadmap to support different timecode rates on different projects or entities?  

    Timecode is such a fundamental element of almost any film or TV pipeline, yet it still feels very limited in SG.  

    For example, we do have projects that use both NTSC 30 or 24, so we can't set one standard for our entire site.  We also use headcam footage which is recorded at NTSC 60 in these same projects.

    Currently, we use all custom text fields for TC, but this means that web users don't get any UI formatting help for these automatically.  We have event and AMI tools to help find/fix errors, but this is delayed and can cause confusion.

    Being able to set timecode field standards more granularly would be really really helpful.



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    Brandon Foster

    Hi DJ,

    Thanks for pinging the thread. While there hasn't yet been a change to the site-wide setting which governs timecode field display, with the new Cuts functionality we've taken a step in that direction. It's now possible to track a per-Cut FPS with the new Cut and Cut Item entities. You can read all about the new data model at this link.

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