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Hi Gang

Our production team are really wanting playlists to have an email event attached to them.

Eg, Artist adds a version to a playlist, email is sent to those concerned.

At present we manually communicate this event with email, though having Shotgun handle this communication is ideal.

Keen to hear your thoughts.



ps, the subscription system mentioned in a different thread sounds perfect, though I dont know the roadmap for releasing the feature.


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    Hey Clinton,

    So each time an Artist adds a Version to a Playlist, they send an email out to "those concerned"? Who are those people generally? Would you want to put certain people on the notification list for certain "types" of Playlists or is it more arbitrary? I'm thinking that to hold you over until the notification framework comes more into focus, you could setup an API EventLog trigger script that watches for these events and then generates Notes/Emails to the appropriate People when they occur. The same script could also attach link the People who should be notified to the Playlist when a new Playlist is created. Thoughts?

    The roadmap (https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/entries/61736-roadmap) will be updated shortly with our latest plans, though they always remain somewhat fluid so we can adjust priorities as they come up.

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