User-created summary fields on entity cards

I'm not sure what the official name is, but by "summary fields", I mean for example "Open Notes" on a Shot. It's really the summary(count) of a query on linked notes with the status of "open".

We use notes to track various different things: client feedback, dailies feedback, render problems, asset problems, etc..


With the ability to create our own summary fields on cards, we could display counts of these different types of notes separately.

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    Don Parker

    Hey Mark, we're calling those "summary fields" too, and we're currently hoping to get those into the 2.0 release by the end of the year (along with Dashboards).  The latest we should have 2.0 ready to go will be the end of January.


    It would be cool to hear the use cases you'd like to use this for.  We'll then make sure we cover them off as we build.

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