Trying to configure Project Actions with the Pipeline Toolkit

I created a project using the Shotgun website.  My browser is Chrome if that makes a difference.  I then downloaded and installed Shotgun Desktop for Windows and used it to configure my project with the Toolkit.  I am just using the Default Configuration.

I then went to config\env\project.yml and configured tk-desktop to only show Maya and Nuke.  That worked really well.

I then went to config\env\shotgun_asset.yml and configured that to only show Maya and Nuke as well.  However, when I go to the project's assets page and clicked on the Project Actions menu, I can see my changes are not working.  I can see Launch Hiero, Launch Houdini, etc.

I was able to do this successfully on a different project yesterday.  I am creating and configuring this project from a different location.  Not sure if that makes a difference though.  I have compared the yaml files from both projects, and they are identical.  One difference between the two projects is that yesterday I modified all of the shotgun_*.yml files.

Here is a snapshot from the shotgun_asset.yml file for the project I am working on today.

Any thoughts?

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    Chris Spears

    I did check here for the certificate C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Shotgun\desktop\config\certificates.  I do see the server.crt and server.key files there.

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