Create Seq of clips with sub ranges on each clip??

I have a bunch of movie files (shots) with handles.  I want to sequence them all together with trimmed handles.  Is that possible?  I can set the inPoint and outPoint of each clip individually.. but once all sequenced together those sub ranges are ignored.  Is this possible?





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    Daniel Kramer

    So I figured out what was wrong.  One of my plugins uses the callback "after-graph-view-change".  Looks like my plugin consumes this signal and it never reaches other parts of RV proper that needs it.. like a sequence node.  As a result the sequence wasn't able to retrieve in and out point info from sub clips. 

    In my plugin (python) if I add "event.reject()" within the method callback the signal isn't killed and is passed along to the next observer.  Just thought I'd follow up as this was a nasty side effect and not easy to find.  I'm not familiar enough with RV to know I had even broken something.  Anyway, it's now working as expect!